Thursday, November 18, 2010

His Name Is Jesus

     I started stamping at the busiest time of the year, Thanksgiving and Christmas.  What a crazy time to jump in and start making cards!      
     This is one of my first stamps that year. It will never go out of style.  This message is timeless and the true meaning of Christmas.
     I wish I had taken a picture of that first card.  I used a K-pad in blues. It turned out quite lovely.
     I purchased it from The Stampin' Place.  They still have it after all these years.  I noticed while linking this their stamps are 25% off.  I love being an enabler.  Just wait until next week when everyone has a sale!
     Hope you have a lovely day!


  1. Hi Linda! I came looking for the Scrapbooker's Paradise card. I couldn't find it but I found this one. I love it! It's a beautiful card with a true message! Thank you!...Nancy :o)

  2. This is a BEAUTIFUL card, Linda!!! I was looking at your card over at the Scrapbooker's Paradise blog and just love it! Wonderful!!

    I should would like to get my paws on some Christian stamps and papers and things... wish there were more stores around here that sold them.

  3. Wow, just WOW! This is truly gorgeous!!


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