Friday, August 3, 2012

Sammie and the turtle

      I don't have a card to show but I do have cute puppy pictures!  Sammie is so fun with a personality larger than life.  Everyday is quite an adventure.  She loves chasing bugs whether they are crawling or flying and eats the ones with crunch!  Ants absolutely mesmerize her.
     Today's adventure included a turtle who wasn't too impressed with a puppy and her petite bark.

      Maybe just a bit closer.  It hasn't barked back or made a sudden move. 
          Finally an up close and personal sniff.  She probably thought it was the largest bug ever and definitely crunchy!  Sammie was now satisfied and the turtle ran along to do whatever turtles do.


  1. Linda.... Sammie is adorable and I so enjoyed your pictures.

  2. too cute, I think my dog would have been scared of it

  3. Awww, to think... my little computer/blogging break made me almost miss these sweet photos of Sammie! Adorable! Love her! Those ears...that face...she melts my heart! Thank you for sharing your darling Sammie, Linda.


Thanks for such encouraging comments!